Anyone else in Teesside sick of these Fighter Jets?


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Had three of the b*stards fly over here in Norton about half an hour ago. They just mildly irritate me but if I had young kids I'd probably be a bit peed off.


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I lived less than 2 miles from The Wash for 10 years, it was an almost daily thing to hear and see them, also helicopters, gliders, hot air balloons, saw the lancaster bomber a couple of times. Think they have a bombing range over that way as well. I found it quite interesting. I found it more annoying living near the North Weald air field with the private planes and the Police helicopters, especially since I could only get decent phone signal in the garden, but couldn't hear a thing on the phone with various aircraft flying above the house 🤣


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Lived in St Andrews in the early '70s and the noise from the Lightnings at Leuchars was insane and they were operational pretty much every day. Bit of a relief when they were phased out for the F4 Phantoms that were a lot quieter.

Incidentally, after Middleton St George was turned over to civilian use some of the buildings became the St George Hottel and its first ever guest swere the North Korean footballers in 1966.


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I work on them at a Leeming . The Swiss airforce F18s are here for 4 weeks on exercise Yorknite.
They host it every year as they aren’t allowed to fly low and late at this time of year. It’s predominantly a night flying exercise. It will all be over in another 2 weeks.