I am an addict I have supported all Boro managers in the sense I have attended games.

Possibly I attend a few more games if we are doing well

If you lived through 1982-1986 as a Boro fan - everything else feels like you have died and gone to heaven.
Are you a fan if you don't attend?
I don't attend matches the main(but not only reason)is my anxiety, I can have a panic attack going into a supermarket, never mind a crowded stadium with 1000s of people. I still consider myself a Boro fan, I watch the games when I can on TV if not then will watch highlights, I check the latest news, watch press conferences and I am on this forum a couple of times a day. I'm so much of a Boro fan even my blood is red and my bones are white 😁
I haven't been to a home game for a while now; will be going to one in December; I'll continue to going to the away matches that I can make.
I spent more than 40 years away from the area, limiting the number of matches I could get to. The last 21 years of that time were in the States, where latterly our games were available on the TV. Does getting up to catch a train into NYC at 5.30am to watch an early match on TV count me as being a fan?
Fan is short for fanatic. If you don't go to matches (when it is possible to do so) then you can't call yourself a fan. So maybe you can call yourself a supporter.
Still follow the Boro and watched them s few times this season. Generally poor fayre but I think that's the state of the game

I find it overpriced for what's on offer, even as a concession so I've moved to the non league scene.
Haven't been to a game since Charlton away the week before everything locked down last year, not through choice, just haven't been able to. I'll be there Boxing day when visiting family in Boro. And hopefully QPR away in the new year (tickets allowing)
I think Forest was my last game (last home match before lockdown) and I haven't renewed my season ticket. My interest in football in general has waned and I'm not even watching the so called big games on Sky. I will always look for the scores but I honestly can't see myself attending again on a regular basis.

I think it would take something seismic, like the Robson era, to get me to go regular again.