Air fryer


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Anyone use one ?
Do they work and does the food taste as good. Always thought the food looks dry and cardboardish when I have seen it on tv.
Mrs is pushing for one . Are they any good and worth buying?


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We've got a Ninja XL Grill ... Air fryer, roasts, grills etc. The best thing we have in the kitchen. It has a probe so your steak, chicken or fish comes out perfect everytime.


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I've experimented with the chips and I have a method that works for me - in fact the whole family love them.
Wash & brush potatoes and then cut into whatever length * 1cm * 1cm with skins on where they remain and put in a bowl
Now add to that bowl, toasted sesame seed oil and shake - ensure you have enough so that all of the chips have a thin coat of that oil
Add a little pepper and shake again to season all of the chips, leave for around 430-60 mins to allow oil to permeate
Cook on full power for 20-25 mins until the chips start to soften, then add a little maldon salt and shake again then cook until browned

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I’ve recently replaced a well used Actifry with a Ninja Foodi and it’s miles better. It’s not just an air fryer, it’s a pressure cooker, a steamer, a rice cooker, a sauté pan, a grill, an oven and will even turn milk into homemade yoghurt on one setting. The only thing I haven’t been able to make as good as the proper deep fried version in it is chips, but they’re still much better than oven chips and far better for you.


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Got a Phillips. Great for beige food. Fish fingers etc. Tried chips, fairly uninspiring, much prefer to par boil then oven. Pain in the **** to clean.


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Got one arriving today. As seeing the thread tempted me. Will perhaps put something on here once I have tried it out.

Yet again FMTTM has had an influence on my life. Ta.