A little perspective needed

One thing I've noticed so far - in regards to stats - is the fact we are top of the xG chart.

Yes it's only 2 games, but we are never normally a high scoring team and yet we lead the way on xG in the league.

If that continues , then it's a case of sorting the defence out (which shouldn't be a problem with the personnel we have available) and the results should follow.
How does the xG chart work? I genuinely have no idea what it means
How does the xG chart work? I genuinely have no idea what it means
How long have you got? :LOL:

xG is 'expected goals'

It's a stat that shows how many goals a team should be scoring (or conceding) based on the chances during a match.

For example, against West Brom, our xG was 1.73 and West Brom's xG was 1.52.

QPR v Boro was 1.51 v 2.07.

So at the moment our total xG in the league for the season is 3.80, however, we've only scored 3 goals so we are underperforming our xG.

There's all sorts of models out there that can calculate xG differently, but most will give very similar answers.

For example, a penalty is normally valued at 0.76 xG.

I find fbref.com a brilliant website that goes deep into stats, not just on teams, but individual players too.

Some players (such as Heung Min Son) make a mockery out of xG because his finishing is ridiculous, in fact one of the best. So if he's getting a chance calculated at say 0.76, the chances are (based on his history), he'll score more than 76 times out of 100 when faced with that opportunity.
If they’re going to wait until the final week of the transfer window to bring in 3-5 players it’s a bit of a risky decision imo. First as we know, clubs are really concerned that they can’t always get the replacement so the final week could be no different to where we are now in terms of getting that player.. Second, negotiations are always very protracted with any player so I can’t see us running simultaneous negotiations with 5 different players.
Third, then there’s the protracted medical season these days— they could arguably fail. Lastly, we’ve never had a good reputation in getting players over the line in terms of signing so I think waiting too long is way too risky.
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