4th May 1975 - Our 1st ever Australian tour game


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This day 1975 Boro played their 1st ever Australian tour game

4th of May seen us play Western Australia at Perth in a 1-1 draw, David Mills scoring our goal

Big Jacks team

Jim Platt
John Craggs - Frank Spraggon
Terry Cooper
Graeme Souness
Brian Taylor
Willie Maddren
Bobby Murdoch
David Mills
John Hickton - Malcolm Smith
Alan Foggon
David Armstrong



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Wasn’t that the game, mentioned in the book Extra Time, where Boam feigned injury or sickness or something so that Willie Maddren had to play while he had diarrhoea? He has his bum clenched for 90 minutes, apparently!


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If those dates are correct Erimus and I don't doubt you . Then Boro played 3 games in 3 days with flights of 1300 miles and 513 miles after each game.
Now players moan about having to play Saturday Wednesday Saturday. Softies!
Surprised we never sailed there like Cooky our first Captain did 😎