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    Wonder what the club will be doing to celebrate

    Quite possibly. I thought I'd heard the news a while ago which is why I figured it wasn't for the league cup anniversary, but it may well have just been because the Forest date change was announced a few weeks before the game.
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    Wonder what the club will be doing to celebrate

    Did they not have a day of events planned for a particular game which ended up being moved for tv or a fixture clash? I might be making this up, but I thought I'd read that a lot of pre-planned activities had unfortunately had to be shelved due to a fixture change.
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    FMTTM Poll - How concerned are you about the Coronavirus?

    Same as a few others - not particularly worried about my own health, but slightly concerned for elderly relatives if it continues to spread. From my personal perspective, I'm more worried about how it's going to impact work and holidays.
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    Barca sign Braithwaite

    Fair enough, I don't watch much La Liga. I just assumed with Fati being so young and Braithwaite being ineligible for the Champions League that he'd start a lot of the league games. As you agree, still a good move for him either way.
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    Barca sign Braithwaite

    As much as I don't like how he conducted himself when he was here, I'm not sure he can be slagged off for this move. He's an average footballer who's been given the chance to go to Barcelona and most likely start the majority of their remaining league games with Messi and Griezmann. I'm sure...
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    4 years today since Ali Brownlee passed

    He shaped my view of the Boro when I was growing up and not old enough to go to the games. So many memories where it's difficult to distinguish whether I was actually at the match or just listening to Ali's commentary. I can't think of many commentators whose words are etched into so many...
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    Game on tomorrow?

    Some pretty severe weather warnings in place around the country for tomorrow. Could be potential for the match the be postponed if it's as bad as the forecast. Probably more so due to the danger of travelling, rather than the state of the pitch.
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    Boro Celtic Highlights

    Just watched the highlights of the reserve game against Celtic - that Dembele looks to be some player for them. Might be the camera angle but it seemed like Shotton completely mistimed a tackle in the build up to their goal? It was almost calamitous so perhaps it was a camera trick. Also...
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    Team for Saturday

    Seen a few threads where people are commenting on the team they'd like against Luton, so I'll throw my thoughts in to the ring. One thing becoming a bit clearer is the fact that we now have some options (although they're not performing particularly brilliantly at the minute). I'd go with...
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    Ravel Morrison

    Trying to look at it objectively, if the likes of Charlton or Reading had signed him then I wouldn't bat an eyelid. If I'm being honest, I'd probably think they were daft for taking a chance on someone who's had so many chances and not shown much. However, as a naturally optimistic Boro fan...
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    All positive but no mention of Ayala

    Brilliant news if we can get Howson signed up for another couple of years, he's surely got to be the biggest priority in terms of out-of-contract players. I'd love Ayala to stay as well, he's one of the best in this division when he's fit and in form but if his wages are just too high then I...
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    Djed Spence's New Contract

    Does anyone actually know how long Djed Spence's new contract runs for? The original MFC article said 2 and a half years, then changed to 3 and a half years, and the Gazette have ran a couple of stories since the change which still say 2 and a half years. Does anyone know for certain?