I have found a few old interviews on a hard drive and I thought I could publish them for you over the next few weeks.

This is Aitor Karanka interviewed at the Golden Ticket Party Boro's annual Xmas party that is for deserving kids. It is a wonderful event because many of the children have had serious illness or are carers for parents or have family with serious illness. They deserve a special party and the club give them one with all the players and managers in attendance with lots of gifts, games and even Father Christmas, who upstages the manager every year.

Aitor wanted the questions to be about the party as I recall. And the kids are the most important after all.

Fly: Are you enjoying the Golden Ticket Party?

Yes, I think it is very important for them, that they feel as close and I think it is important for us to feel they are as close to us.

Fly: I have heard before that you feel that the club is like a family. And this is the club being like a family with the fans.

Yes I think it is always good to have this feeling because we never can forget all the people who are behind us supporting every game. We need to be close with them.

Fly: Unfortunately in the last three games we have conceded goals right at the end which have been so costly.

Yes I have been disappointed but we need to keep working but the players attitude is always good we need to improve and not make so many mistakes.

Fly: We play at Millwall on Saturday and then have two home games at Christmas is this an opportunity to get some positive results.

Always it is a good opportunity to take a good result. But the most important game is on Saturday in Millwall because if we lose at Millwall then we will be not in a good position for that first game at home and we need to win on Saturday and after Saturday then think of the next game.

Fly: Millwall is always a difficult place to go, with a very hostile atmosphere.

Yes I know but I was a player with Real Madrid and I played in a lot of difficult places but always the football is played on the pitch, if the players are better that is important as there might be an atmosphere but the battle is on the pitch.

Fly: I know there are going to be a lot of Middlesbrough fans will at Millwall. I hope that will help our players.

It was lovely with the Middlesbrough support we had in Leeds, Birmingham, Derby. In all the stadium where we played there were a lot of people from Middlesbrough and we need to win our games for them.

Fly: Would your Christmas wish be to win some games over Christmas time?

: All my life I think health, family and a lot of things are more important than football. When you are a coach or a player you want to win the games but I think there are a lot of things more important than football.

From all the clues can anyone work out the year?