Having spent the past 27 days scaling my stair case 88 times a day for MFC Foundation and Boro Walkers Climb Any Mountain challenge I thought that it might be time to find out a little more about the Boro Walkers Charity and how lockdown has affected their fundraising. I contacted the group via chair, Pete Livingstone.
Climb Any Mountain has been a lockdown staircase challenge through February where Boro fans can scale their own stairs to climb mountains and raise money for Boro Walkers and MFC Foundation.
My staircasemountianeering team fundraiser is here
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Boro Walkers: We were approached by Paul Shepherd from MFC Foundation and originally we talked about climbing Roseberry Topping enough times to climb the equivalent of Mount Everest. However due to the pandemic and lockdown restrictions in place we wanted to do something that was inclusive and could be done at home.
We then came up with climbing the stairs enough times for the equivalent height of Mount Everest. But we realised that climbing your stairs over 130 times each day over 28 days was hard going. So together we came up with the idea of having a range of mountains and of course our very own Roseberry Topping.
We then worked alongside the Foundation to help plan the challenge and at the same time raise funds for both charities.

Q: How are the Boro Walkers keeping themselves fit apart from wearing staircase carpets out?

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions we are unable to meet up as a group, however all of the individual members are keeping up their daily exercise walking daily as part of their daily exercise.

Q: How is the staircase mountaineering going for you - and why MFC Foundation as a recipient?

The staircase mountaineering itself has been a tough slog but very achievable. However, if I’m being honest the fundraising has been the hardest challenge but we’ve still got a few days remaining to hit our targets.
I’m a mad Boro fan and love to support the people of Teesside. I’ve been an avid supporter of MFC Foundation for many years and as a group we have raised thousands of pounds allowing them to continue their inspiring work within the Teesside communities.

Q: Tell us about Boro Walkers. What will you personally do when you finish scaling your Mt Etna?

So who are Boro walkers? We are a group of Boro fans who started out back in 2013, by walking Hadrian's Wall, all 84 miles in 2 days, raising awareness and funds for Teesside MS Society after Pete Livingstone's wife was diagnosed over 10 years ago. From there we went on to raise so much money we decided to share it out across Teesside's struggling charities, to date we are on the final leg towards the £200k mark and have supported well over 50 local causes.
After lockdown its back to business raising funds for more local causes on Teesside. We are struggling right now so any imminent support would be most gratefully received.
Please keep an eye out for up and coming fundraisers on our new Boro Walkers Association Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Borowalkers2013 and twitter @borowalkers

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