Boro’s own Claire Streeter, Alice Hutchinson and Abbey Lyle set off from the Riverside and walked the 106 miles to Old Trafford to raise money for MFC Foundation to create a Dementia Hub at the Riverside Stadium. In mid winter!

big boro walk.jpg

The trio set off after the Coventry game and so gave themselves less than a week to complete the task. The target to raise £10 000. Or just £1 for every Boro fan travelling away to watch their team take on (and beat) Ronaldo, Rashford and co.

Sadly, Abbey was to break her foot during the walk and so the terrific trio were reduced to a dynamic duo. But despite it all they bravely battled on to the finish line and Boro fans responded by backing their efforts in pounds to push past the £10k finishing line too. And they obviously inspired the lads on the pitch to their epic finale.

After the event I asked Claire about the highlights of the walk and about how the money raised will be spent.

Claire Streeter: Highlights were the sense of achievement each day and actually reflecting on how far we had walked as well as receiving lots of messages from family and friends along the way saying how proud they were.

It was really tough, more than I imagined and each day just got harder and harder as there was little recovery time. It’s a big mental battle as well waking up in pain knowing you have 8 hours of walking ahead of you and the same again day after day.

The support honestly kept us going and I loved reading everyone’s messages on the evenings. We obviously had our family and friends supporting us every step of the way but it was everyone on social media sharing posts, donating, dropping us messages about how important this is for their families or people they knew.. those were the messages that really motivated me.

The £10K will provide security of a dementia hub being run monthly at the Riverside for a very long time. It will allow more families and people living with dementia to access it and will allow them opportunities to make memories hosting such a wide range of activities from dancing to watching the Boro matches whilst building up support networks with others in similar positions.