Let’s remember
Sunak also promised to give details of his own tax returns by Xmas.
Still nothing
Just wonder if there is anything Zahawi knows?
Philp is the worst of the worse (and that says something)- just a right wing puppet
In the interview he said:
'By March This Year We Will Have More Police Officers Than We Have ever had in the UK'

Even if they recruit the 'extra 20k police officers by then)

It's a ...........

Big fat Lie
Let's not forget this hapless " Minister" doing the rounds this morning is Chris Philp. He backed Liz Truss for PM and was appointed to the treasury under Kwasi Kwarteng. He was summarily demoted a few weeks later.

It is frankly incredulous that he defends the Government by saying "We have a new Prime Minister" when he himself didn't originally back him. But then incredulous is my emotion every time I hear any one of them speak these days.

They are lying, thieving scum. They think they are invincible. They are not.

I’m not so sure you know.
There is a real danger of sleaze fatigue with jo public - it is becoming the norm and, in general, the anger is subsiding to a shrug of the shoulders.

If we just look at how long these stories take to gain some kind of momentum (no pun intended). This has been on the go for years as an ‘issue’.
Just last week following the payment Sunak said ‘it was put to bed’.

It kind of withered away except that a couple of diligent (non MSM) journos just kept on.
It feels like BBC et al just wait for it to go away - this time they ended up having to cover the story.
Same with Johnson’s loan guarantee.
Mind you ! he did claim to be "mortified" in 2013 when he discovered that he was charging the hard working, HONEST Taxpayers to keep his Horses warm in their rather chilly Stables.
You have to wonder if he EVER makes mistakes that benefit those hard working HONEST Taxpayers or is he the only one who ever gains from said "mistakes"
The mind boggles at the number of tories trying to defend him, which suggests they are as big a disgrace as he is.
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In fairness to the so called MSM that has been much derided on here in the past over this.

Well they all hit the story hard yesterday with the beeb evening using Dan neidle report and data as a source.

Itv Paul brand summed it up best though.

There is so much scandal and sleaze going back 5-6 years (especially BrEXit, Covid/VIP lanes and Bozo) that the Tories are finding it a full time job just trying to keep a lid on things, and this now is clearly impacting their ability (no sniggering at the back .....) to actually govern the country. It's a joke. A very, very bad one.
This from LBC

Seems he was attempting to bully his way through this by threatening journalists with legal action when the story became known to them. This really shouldn't even need "investigating" he has plainly attempted to avoid paying tax on £27million and when found out tried to get lawyers to silence the story.

Should he really be an MP at all?
Should he really be an MP at all?

He should resign. If he doesn't do that then the Torys should oust him. They might well have to do that unless another big story comes along to overshadow this one. If / when they do, the Tories will then claim that this shows that they have morals and strong leadership, when really they will only do it to stop the bad press. The same with Sunaks wife tax affairs - reaction not because they have a shred of moral fibre but instead because the press caught them out.

Then next week or the week after we will have ANOTHER fresh Tory bullying or corruption story.

It's almost as if this lot have overstayed their welcome.