Your Favourite Retro Burglar Alarm ???

Large cleated nails whacked though scaffolding boards, tossed casually around the garden sharp side up.
Then a home alone system indoors.
German Shepherds also take some beating.
I worked with a lass who had a beautiful Shar Pei dog, she told me that she went shopping and when she came hope to open the front door the wind whistled past her, she thought she must’ve left the back door open.
She went into the front room to see her dog, he was looking exceptionally pleased with himself but she thought he was bleeding.
She started to worry l, as you would, tentatively exploring the house, she made her way into the back room and saw that the bottom panel of the rear door had been kicked through, blood everywhere, none of it the dogs!
She was really surprised, she’d never seen him show any signs of aggression in all the time she’d owned him, not so much as a bark she said.
She was still really upset, it could’ve gone the other way and he could’ve been really hurt or worse.
Some dogs really take exception to people invading places they regard as their own, serves the little ***** right I think.
You have almost certainly heard of trainspotters, but perhaps not burglar alarm spotters !!!