Ye he needs to go

You won’t get me starting threads against it now. I can’t defend him no longer after that. I feel he’s lost the plot. Silvera on for the whole game virtually?

Latte Lath sat on the bench when he could have came on and made a difference with his pace? I’m amazed.
I have tried to stay positive. I have thought all day they would come out and be up for it. But we were treated to one of the worst first 45 minutes I’ve seen from boro in a long time. It’s hard to keep defending him. My only concern is whoever comes in is still left with a terrible squad with a lot of players who aren’t good enough.
Unfortunately the team are beginning to reflect the manager, looking clueless for most of the game, flat without passion, calm and no urgency, unconcerned when we should be worried, continually doing the same things that aren't working. He either needs to try a different approach and formation to get the best out of what we have, or the opportunity will be rightly taken away from him. Is he capable of change, unfortunately i don’t think he is, like most managers they stick to what they believe in and the vast majority end up paying the price. Maybe a win will bring some confidence back and renewed imputis and change our current trajectory, let's hope so.
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It feels very much like the final days. Realistically, very few managers turn it around when fan feeling and performances are as they are right now, let’s be honest.
Shame, cos I like the guy and thoroughly enjoyed his football last season but the personnel decisions this season are massively worrying.
Ask yourself this : why do you bring in a brand new manager who has only EVER played at the very top of the game? I reckon it is to play the game with a certain style and play it the so-called right way.
Why would you go to the fuc.king bother of convincing this young manager to take the job and then give him what seems like randomly selected players from all around the world and expect him to get a tune out of them? What standard is the Australian league? The Danish league? The Swiss league?

We bagged 2 players on loan last season who were superb - Giles then Archer. On top of this, we had Akpom surprised the world to have the best season from a striker we have seen for 30 years. Then they all went.
Replaced with Engel, Silvera and Lath. Two of whom, on current form wouldnt get a game for Doggy Workies.
Nowt to do with the coaches.
Look at last season he really isn’t incompetent
I don’t think he’s incompetent. Lots of stuff goes on at football clubs that can influence what happens on the pitch. Managers are rarely “brilliant” or “terrible" - the vast majority fall somewhere in between.

Maybe Carrick won’t end up managing Man Utd back to the big time, or England to World Cup success (a week is a long time in football!) but I don’t think he’s clueless. There’s something up at the moment, and I do still think he’ll put it right.
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