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Who si the Tory you loathe the most?

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Long before he became PM Johnson was the Tory I loathed the most - even more than Thatcher. He seemed to have so many the Tory faults rolled into one fat greasy package: narcissism, opportunism, venality. True, he didn't have that heartless nasty edge of some, but it was the fact of his being so overrated; the fact that he was lauded as some sort of great wit for his third-rate prose when you know someone as grubby and feckless as him would've been nothing without the massive leg-up of going to Eton. The calculating principle-free way he exploited Brexit cemented it for me, despite some recent stiff competition from the likes of Williamson and Patel.
I did have Cameron in there - and true, as the architect of a cynical Brexit vote that ruined the country, he's arch villain - but just felt his personality didn't have any conspicuously nasty edge and he wouldn't be many people 1st choice.
For what reason?

Not having a go just curious as to why he is the worst
I don’t know. I’ve no real political leanings either way. I’ve never voted Tory tho.

Can’t help thinking if Labour hadn’t moved so far to the left when they elected him leader then we may never have had Johnson elected as PM.