Worse Labour MP [No poll]

There's a podcast interview with him (about 2 months ago) on The News Agents. He came across very well I thought. Had an interesting life, mind he also didn't deny aspirations of the leadership role.

I heard that interview and have to say I definitely softened my opinion of him afterwards. He’s had an interesting life that’s for sure. Still very wary of him, but I think maybe there is more depth to him than I previously thought.

I really dislike Starmer and Reeves.
Wouldn’t stop me voting Labour although this time I will put my x in whichever box has best chance of removing Tories where I live. Wish that could be the Greens but suspect it will be LibDem 🤢
Emily Thornberry, even though I've seen her verbally boot a contemptible, sneering Tory in the groin a few times now.

The White Van Man tweet still must haunt her, whether she apologised for it or nor.
Stuart Bell. Who we (Large group of Labour party members) would have got rid of a long time ago if it wasn't for the Walkers (Even larger group of now Ex Labour members) supporting him.
Diane Abbott. Lurches from one disaster to another. They seem to be keeping her well away from the cameras these days.
Streeting, Hodge, Philips.. all contenders.. I'm gonna have to go with Sir Keir Starmer.. partly for resigning and partly for painting the party as the party of remain.