Womens Football Fan Survey


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Fans of five leading WSL sides have given their thoughts on the COVID-19 shutdown and their chances of returning to stadiums once the disruption caused by the pandemic has eased, and voiding the season has not proved a popular option.
But 11% said they would not return to stadia even if safety precautions such as hand sanitisers and masks were introduced.


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This is the first widescale fan survey I think - I wonder if the same results would be found amongst fans of the men's game ie 11% would not feel comfortable returning to watch football THIS YEAR - even with reduced capacities, social distancing, face masks worn by staff and hand sanitisers in use.
Interesting and it may reflect the overall view?
I've been going to the Boro now for over 50 years and currently feel that I won't return until new cases and deaths are drastically reduced which I don't think will be anytime this year.

I would feel uncomfortable passing through a concourse into a stand packed with people.
There is no way social distancing would work, so would need a dramatic change in circumstances before I went again.

I love football home and away, but a large crowd is the most likely place to meet someone that thinks rules don't apply to him/her and I'm not prepared to take that risk.

Might change my mind in the future, but that's how I feel right now.