Which club do you love/like/follow other than the boro?


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Follow - Yeovil. Went to school there and went to a fair few matches. Usually my save of choice on Football Manager
Like - Spurs. Pat Jennings was my favourite keeper as a kid so I ended up liking them.


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Barnsley, York City, Darlo, Pools, Carlisle, Harrogate, Gateshead , Arsenal (for the quality of their football - the last one only of course).


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As a child, the Boro was always my second team with my first team being South Bank United. I started going to watch them on my own aged five and was told to cross the road when all the men did. I would get an oxo and Newboulds midget pie and would be given a team sheet by the guy who took the money for the seats (it was extra to sit in the main stand). My grandads brother would come over and put me in the seats - he was on the committee.

I always wanted a South Bank kit but my dad wouldn't buy me one and it wasn't until I was in my teens I realised why. Sunderland played in the South Bank colours after they had been presented with the kit from the famous Teesside club when Sunderland had fallen on hard times.



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In answer to the question:

Rangers: It was the time Celtic were winning everything and everyone at my school liked Celtic as a second team, so I went for the opposite (Rangers then started winning everything!). Been to a few games at Ibrox over the years and the atmosphere is great.

Barcelona: Always loved them from visiting there as a little kid, going on a stadium tour and getting the kit. As I got older and Madrid started buying all the gallacticos it just made me continue to dislike Real and support Barca. Been to one game there Barca V Bilbao, 1-0 Messi goal.

Dortmund: Just always loved the distinctive kit and the yellow wall of fans, it's just always looked an immense atmosphere. Would love to go a game there (I've done Munich and Hertha Berlin home games in Germany but don't have affinity with either club just took in a game there).

Like Hartlepool and Darlo, but always felt more for Pools due to them helping us in our hour of need.

Other notable mentions, but not as strong as the ones above:

Parma (cool kits and felt an affinity as a smaller club punching above its weight, like Boro, in the 90's)

Fiorentina (Batigol! Iconic Nintendo and 7Up footy kits! - not the one with the swastikas on though!)


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I've been over a few times to see them, starting off when they were in the 2nd division and floundering and now they're absolutely flying. The change has been crazy, they are the embodiment of noisy neighbour to the more glamourous, historic and popular Hertha. I always look out for their results and follow them on social media as they have a great relationship with their fans and community. In 2014 they invited fans to bring their sofa onto the pitch and watch WC games on big screens!
I chose them as my lockdown team because of Robert Huth.. remember when it was the apocalypse and we had to eat frat bentos pies and watch German footy!!


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Hibs I've always had a soft spot for them but there is a few Scottish clubs I would like to see apart from the Glasgow ugly sister duo. I'm in Spain for Easter and for a few weeks beforehand while I'm there I might try and get to see Celta Vigo, I was in the East of Galicia in October gone and there was a little town that had a clubhouse/pub devoted to them, it felt like a English pub with all the men having a geezer vibe to them, even the scarves on the wall and ceiling had Celta Vigo and the names of towns in Galicia rather than other clubs, so if I can get to see them I will.

The scarves with the club name and the town the supporters come from is a great idea I'm not sure Ive seem it over here, but it's better idea than the half and half scarves. The towns even had there little pictorial side to it, like Catonia which has a Viking festival and the words of the place on the scarve looked like Viking helmets, another which is famous for Meigas ( witches) had the words of the place riding on brooms.
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Coach Steve

Rangers - Beat club in Scotland

Man UTD - Supported them as a nipper

Lazio - Due to them being good in the 90s growing up

Fethiyespor - Holiday there and been to watch them a few times

Rael Mardid - love everything about them including the stadium is something e- lse

Wrexham - Due to the takeover and documentary

Smog On The Medway

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Rochdale, I was born there and went to a few games when I was allowed to go on my own as a kid. Gillingham as I have a few mates who go. Can't say I follow either but look out for their results.


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The scarves with the club name and the town the supporters come from is a great idea I'm not sure Ive seem it over here, but it's better idea than the half and half scarves.

That's what England flags tend to get used for over here.

It does sound like a good idea though, less inconvenient to display by yourself, but presumably costs more to get made.


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When I was a kid I picked a team from each division apart from the first.

Us obviously.

60 odd years on stl look for their results.


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Billingham Town, I watch a lot of their games.

Pools, Darlo, Mansfield, Celtic.

Viking, Feyenoord, Cork City, Inverurie Locos, Cove Rangers, Houston Dynamo. Followed them in locations where I spent a lot of time away from home.

I watched Arsenal a bit when I lived outside their ground but not with any real affection.


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Honestly none. I really don't care about any team except the Boro. However, I do enjoy groundhopping and I usually support the home team for those 90 minutes, unless there's a good reason not to. But I've never formed any sort of attachment to any of those teams.