When was Crooks penalty appeal Carrick was talking about in after match interview.


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Seemed to remember him being fouled outside box in 2nd half then Leeds broke on us and nearly scored.
But as I say I thought that was well outside box.
Was there another incident I missed ??????
I think it is the one that was on the edge of the box - thought he was clearly taken out. About on the literal line of the box. There was never a replay shown on the coverage. So unsure to know
Found it on full 90 mins on Boro website.
69mins 40 secs Howson makes great run in to box and squares it to Crooks who should probably shoot first time but hangs onto it and 3 Leeds players crowd him out.
Crooks goes down and shouts for pen. Hard to tell if he was caught, also hard to tell if it was in box or out.
Probably best we could have got was a free kick on edge of the box.
Obviously Dirties would have got the penalty if it was at the other end.