What is the point of having a garage


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I've heard differening reports as to whether converting a garage devalues the house what's the the deal. We have a single garage and it's full of stuff but no car

it will depend on what it adds to the house vs what inconvenience it adds having less parking

my neighbour converted his to a cinema room, and the house was already extended. Sold it after spending about £30k on control 4 home automation and cinema room conversion for same pride he paid whereas 6 months later a house on the street with a double detached garage and similar footprint has just sold for 35k more, but that’s anecdotal and like i said will depend on what parking options the house has, and if the extra space inside is well used / decorated well etc


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Got a tandem garage , front end fully shelved out for all the crap, plus my fun car. Back end converted to a utility so the missus can wash and Iron in a room she can call her own.


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Most neighbours have also kept them for storage, but I noticed when looking to buy in our area that many had what looked like the cover-up of a murder: they were originally built in the early 1960s with the option of an inspection pit for your car!
The Wimpey houses on the Kader estate have the inspection pit, at least ours and the houses either side did.


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Double garage for me, two doors, but couldn't fit my main car in either side, would struggle to get the missus car in there.

Next place I want a double garage that can actually fit two cars in, or at least be one single large door. If I can get something with a bit more room I'm going to build a car shelter for a project car so I can fit a good workbench in the garage with all my tools and other kit.

Boro in Devon

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I wouldnt live in a house without a garage. Mine currently has 4 motorbikes, 2 cycles and surf boards in.
I consider my self lucky that I dont a woman in my life nagging me to convert it.

My dream would be to have a coach house, over 4 garages that I own. Love to convert them into storage and workshops.
In fact the garage is more important than the house.


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Got a carport under two bedrooms, and then a garage behind that in the garden. I've been here 20 years and because the driveport and garage are so tight I have never bothered to park a car in the garage and haven't had a car in the carport for years either.

Garage has a load of 'stuff' stored in it, which stops me getting to my exercise bike, weight bench or heavy bag. My carport has bikes, football training gear. My drive can fit two cars, and that's all I need

Time to declutter all that lot, I'm going to convert the carport into an office / guitar practice room, and the garage into a proper decluttered minimalist gym.

Walked around my estate the other day and noticed about 1/3rd of houses have now converted their garages into rooms. Anything you lose in not having a garage will easily be recovered by having more living space in most houses.


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Does anybody actually use their garage to park their car anymore?

My niece is concerned that the house she's about to buy (first timer) hasn't got a garage for her car.

We converted ours into a store room/workshop years ago. Now it just houses stuff you'd otherwise put in the shed.
I use mine for the car - mainly as it's more secure. But no ice in the winter and cool when I get in in the summer.
It wouldn't be a deal-breaker for a new house, but that's what they were meant for

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One of the luxuries in Life is having a garage with an automatic door and light. Getting out of your car in the dry not having to get out to open the door (and in light) is one of life’s understated pleasures.


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thats not just the fault of house builders, people just used to have smaller cars but have gravitated towards larger cars now

have to admit I wouldn’t like a house without one

a shed just doesn’t offer the same flexibility nor house value impact; we keep all sorts in ours - pizza ovens, bbqs, 3 lawn mowers, scarifier; spare patio furniture, grass seed, fertiliser, bikes, weed killer, car stuff etc as well as power tools and general stuff and a place to keep recycling out of the way

we’ve got a double detached garage and I’ve seen some houses nearby where they’ve done build work to combine house and garage and built extra rooms, gym etc so it gives you options

my last house didn’t have a garage and the loft and shed were like a late stage game of Tetris
But the same models have got wider and wider year on year. When I had my garage built in 1997 I could just about fit an old BMW in but now my Toyota Yaris is actually wider than the old beamer. I have to pull my wing mirrors in to fit.


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One of the luxuries in Life is having a garage with an automatic door and light. Getting out of your car in the dry not having to get out to open the door (and in light) is one of life’s understated pleasures.

When you've lived in a city, or any crowded suburb for that matter, just finding a parking space outside your own house is a rare luxury

Having lived in London for 20 years, I now consider being able to park on my own private driveway a luxury beyond compare, wet or dry, dark or light


Turned our garage into a bedroom for my son. He moved out, so we changed it into a cinema room.
Then he moved back in. Now he's got a bedroom with a large screen for his XBox.


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My detached garage is approx 30' x 24 ' extended to the rear last year. It has double glazing and plastic tiles on the floor. It houses my motorbikes classic and modern, and some say a polluting V8 built in Coventry. Workshop hand and power tools and garden stuff. Two fridge freezers, a workbench and bike lift, retired Poggenpohl kitchen cupboards with stuff collected over the years, never to be thrown away just in case you need it . And most important a very good ipod radio/speaker dock for my music. It's my escape from the world when I want it to be.
My house is to live in and garage to recover from life and all it throws in.