What did you wear in the 1980s

And I miss my sheepskin coat, worn throughout the 80's. I've never found a better winter coat since. Any chance they'll come back in fashion?

Might have a look in the charity shops to see if I can find a good one.
Blue Jeans
White T-Shirt
and one of mi Granddad's waist coats

...looked the dogs bollocks or so I thought !?!?

I remember these toffee coloured shoes my parents made me wear.
They were awful...(got the **** taken out of me constantly for those)
I was going through secondary school 82-87. It was quite a lapsed school uniform. I remember wearing Farah hopsack trousers, white Fred Perry polo shirt, red Pierre Cardin cardigan and red kicker shoes. Also tried, unsuccesfully to wear the trendy step and wedge haircuts of the time. My barber says I have "complicated" hair!