What coffee do you have?


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You're at a nice coffee shop, what you getting?

Oatmilk vegan mocha for a treat, or on normal days oatmilk latte, if they got no plant milk an Americano with sugar.
Double espresso with a bit of cold (usually oat) milk added

Not sure what the official name for it is!
Flat white. It is the best ratio of coffee to milk.

Now I have a proper coffee machine at home and a bean subscription I am a bit of a coffee snob though and I begrudge paying so much for the crap coffee most places sell. A flat white is a safe drink but if they flat white in different sizes I'd just order an americano.

f I was going to a proper specialty coffee shop I'd probably go for a light roasted pour-over or something the barista recommended if I wanted something different to a flat white.
My bean to cup machine is much nicer than a lot of the high street outlets.
Having said that, Starbucks beans are really nice for making espresso or flat whites.
Flat white is my usual especially if driving, the smaller portion stops me having to go for a wee 20mins later.
What time of day is it?
Morning: latte with extra short
Mid morning decaf latte
Afternoon, double espresso. No milk After midday of cpurse
Gingerbread latte if it's Christmastime or Pumpkin spiced latte if it's Autumn.

I very rarely frequent coffee shops other than at those times of the year.