Well, the hair clippers have arrived!

Artie Fufkin

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Will ask Mrs Fufkin to watch some vids on YT first, but I might as well take the plunge, maybe tonight. It frankly can't look any worse. I don't have a trendy haircut anyway, it just looks untidy now cos it's too long and it's getting on my nerves so I think if I just go #6 all over them #3 back and sides it should be fine and if it's not, then so be it, it's not like I'm really going anywhere I need to look good. I haven't worn proper shoes, shirt or trousers (like I would wear to the office) for over 2 months now

Artie Fufkin

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before and after pictures Artie!

I have had a shaved bonce for ages. If I let my hair grow it grows straight up like marge simpson, so that has never been an option.
We'll see! I will take some, but whether or not they are published very much depends on the outcome :LOL:
Get it done. Wife has been cutting mine for years. On my third or fourth set of clippers.

Only had one problem a few years ago when the clippers conked out mid cut. Ruined my Friday night out!😥


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I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet soon and buy some clippers.

I usually just get a trim when I visit the Barbers.

I haven't had my hair short since my school days but don't think I can hold out until July.


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I have a lovely head of hair even if I say so myself and I've had a #1 years before it became the de rigueur lockdown haircut. I shall just let mine keep growing until I can get to a barbers safely :p


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I've been cutting my own hair. Watched a couple of videos on YouTube then dived in.These barbers have been stealing a living
I'm still hanging in there, a big mop now, after my days off when I return to work I have to extend the back of my safety helmet
My wife would love to be let free on my hair though