Well that's my son now flown the nest


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Getting the keys to his 1st house 🏡

Both my son & daughter live a nice 10 minutes walking distance from my house, close enough to keep an eye on 🚶
How old is he if you don't mind me asking Erimus?

Just gives me an indication as to how long my son will bless us with his presence 🤣 (he's no trouble really).


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Ours fledged a few ago now. About a week later we get a call from the boy 'where were you last night I rang' we were OUT because we can or you never told me you were away for the weekend.


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Nice one E74 - if it's the DJ/Producer lad I see he is playing a Sugar Shack re-union at The Empire in August with Roger Sanchez. Obviously going up in the world... (y)


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You don’t want a new project do you Erimus? I’ve had my most stressful day of childcare since I’ve been a dad. I’ve been. Pinched, bit screamed at and apparently word of the day is mamma (equals will you pick me up and take me to mum and who’s working upstairs). But other than that he’s an angel