Well said Prof Van-Tam


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In today’s briefing -

The deputy chief medical officer for England replied: "In my opinion the rules are clear and they have always been clear.

"In my opinion they are for the benefit of all and they apply to all."


Prof Van-Tam urged the public to follow guidance closely. "Don’t tear the pants out of it," he said.

hmmm I wonder who he could be referring to 🤔
Good for him- I watched it. I've said many times when I've watched some of the statements from the government, particularly about Barnard Castle's most recent 'celebrity' visitor, that I couldn't go home and face my family after coming out with some of the supporting rhetoric they gave. It's just ludicrous.


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I also see some top tories want the 2 m limit reduced to 1 m as well as it would help the hospitality sector

“could help the hospitality sector, it would be a reduction in the social distancing from 2m to 1m," the Tory peer said,


Greg Clark, chair of the Commons science committee, told the Daily Telegraph it could "be the difference between people being able to go to work and losing their jobs".

let’s see what happens as sage are on record as saying ;

Also the longer a person spends in close proximity with an infected person, the more the chance of catching the virus increases.
Sage reported that being exposed for six seconds at 1m is comparable to a one-minute exposure at 2m.
In its latest paper on the issue, from April, it recommends keeping the rule, saying 2m is a "good measure" of the distance where the direct person-to-person transmission risk drops significantly.


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We get articles each week in Sur - the main regional paper that covers Malaga Province - highlighting and explaining messages about the virus and required responses to it. Last week it was the Professor of Genetics at Malaga University. This week it was the Head of A&E at the main Hospital. The point I'm making is that we get a message each week, reinforcing what's required, in a consistent way, and in a format that is clear and understandable.

The last paragraph of this weeks article, the week when the second phase of release from lockdown was announced, was really powerful I thought ....

"I'll say it yet again: we have to treat this virus with great caution, adopt all possible preventive measures and not go out happily into the street as if nothing had happened and thinking it's all over, because it did happen and it is far from over"