We look solid again now all we need is to add the goals


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Yesterday was the first time in a long time that I felt that we were comfortable in possession.

Under woody and all throughout that chaotic last season we looked to be clinging on in games desperately trying not concede.

But yesterday we looked comfortable on the ball and on another day could easily have taken all three points.

Warnock has moulded a core to this side, as in morsey we have that enforcer figure who can break up play and Distribute but he has a nasty streak as well if required.

I honestly think the goals will come as you could see the turnaround in our team play and link up play after Warnock and his staff have had time to work with them.


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After a series of bad results I used to say to my lad "Anything nil today even 0-0 will be a good result" Yesterday after playing 3 top teams in the division was that type of game. Tuesday will be similar 0-0 will do me.
We are not blessed with midfielders who can pass their way through teams, and strikers well the least said about them the better. Yesterday we looked comfortable in our approach to the game and we could have snook it. If we continue like that the goals will..... erm trickle, and we will win more than we will lose


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Agree we're more comfortable although I put that down to the Warnock influence rather than the squad being better than under Woodgate, it's still not a very good team on paper in my view and this group will never be a high scoring team. We've needed to score more for years now and we're still just as useless at it.


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I feel a lot more confident out of possession now under Warnock. With Woodgate in charge I felt like every time the opposition had the ball especially when we were at home they were gonna score. Doesn’t feel like that now and that’s massively important as you need that solid base if you are gonna do anything in this league. Hopefully once we get Roberts in the team we can become better going forward and create some chances. Could be a half decent season this


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Cardiff got promoted under Warnock through being very hard to beat and they won so many games 1-0.

I think its going that way with us. He's just making us hard to beat and I imagine if we get ahead we will win more than not. That said I read that his Cardiff side scored 21 goals from setplays that season. It's still something we struggle with (have for years).

I've not seen us get outplayed or outclassed at all this season. I think Bristol City will be a good test as they look decent.
We've scored 2 set pieces. Only 2 teams have more. Last season we scored 12 which was about a third of our goals, though that was due to just not being good at scoring at all. In Pulis last season we scored just 7. Amongst the worst in the league, with also a low percentage of our goals coming from set pieces. Which is just bizarre. Poor delivery and Flint being surprisingly bad at converting? Perhaps also fewer set pieces in dangerous areas due to not having dribblers in the team and generally being the more physical and more likely to have fouls go against us where someone like hughil is tussling with a defender.

I'm expecting more set piece goals this year as the delivery from McNair will be better, and we've got Roberts to win us more set pieces. Tav can also put a good ball in though he's less consistent. We don't have the biggest side though which may count against us.


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Tonight was the perfect example of my point we went into the lair of the most inform side in the league and completely dominated them they never really had a shot.

We Won the mf battle took the chance when it came and saw the clock down.

It was text book and v impressive especially with our already anaemic squad further depleted by the loss of our capt.


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apparently Britt was out due to a different injury, something he picked up it training yesterday, just hope he is back fit soon