We have zero goal threat

Jedi boro

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I’m still amazed we have no recognised striker at the club.

People can defend it all they want but it’s the reality.

It must surely make recruitment even more difficult because every agent will walk into negotiations knowing that we are absolutely desperate, so MFC will walk away and look for a diamond in the rough... Or a dud, as they are commonly known.
Who needs Roger’s or crooks
M.C. on selling a Rogers.... "We have plenty of options up top" 😂 Then we went and sold Crooks 🤣🤣.
He's off his box that lad.
Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land. Losing credibility with every passing game.
You can't hold a fee against a player, that's not their fault. LL has scored goals given the opportunity, but I think Shearer would struggle to get chances the way we play at the moment.
😅 no it wasn’t ffs.

You’re getting over emotional young man
Di Marzio claims that the initial fee that Boro are paying for the striker is €5 million (£4.3 million), with an extra €1.5 million (£1.3 million) in performance related add-ons that could be met in the future, so it could reach £5.6 million overall.