Watmore’s replacement is…

Yeah me too. Dunno how much I believe the lad who told me though.
More than the ‘Swiss Lad’ that is signing for £1.5m (unless he thought Barlaser was Swiss)
who told you that newyddion 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
Iqbal was the midfielder from Manchester..

It’s starting to make sense now. He said about Watmore but I didn’t want to say incase he was wrong.

Same with Woodgate being interviewed for ‘the job’ - the job being assistant rather than manger.

He reckoned Isaiah Jones was off as well as Paddy McNair..
Is this the same source who mentioned Bielsa to Boro last year? 😉

Would be a nice addition but I can’t see it, he’s been part of their squads all season hasn’t he
Carrick is doing everything you would wish for and expect from Bielsa.. is it understated because we actually have him or does a bit of the magic come from being South American?
I'm sure HavertonGoodauthority knows...He was never wrong! Sadly he's been keeping his vague cards close to his chest for a few seasons now.😐
Diggerlad (Strand Larsen fella) on one boro says there's a medical booked and it will be a permanent transfer. Which would rule out Palmer
He owes us nothing and has never let us down.

I’m sure he would get a very warm welcome should he return as an opposing player but until then good luck and thanks Duncan.

Exciting times ahead for us now.. hopefully someone even better than Dunc will be coming through the doors tomorrow!