Watmore’s message to fans


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Good luck Duncan
loved the way he was always harrying the opposition defenders and goalkeeper, 👍🏻👍🏻


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Millwall play the makems at the weekend lets hope dunc gets the result we all want
A goalless draw with a couple of sendings off? Maybe a few relatively minor injuries. Broken toe? Twisted finger?

OK then.
A 1-1 draw with a goal for Duncan.


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Classic example of “play for the badge on the front and we’ll remember the name on the back”.

Brilliant free signing at a very strange time for us all. I have great memories of logging into MFC website during lockdown to watch yet another behind closed doors “must-win” match where Duncan featured and scored some important goals, bringing a little ray of light to what was a sea of misery.

Missed a few sitters like didn’t he, and I dislike Millwall. But all the best and that.


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Still not sure why we are letting him go and it is good for the club, maybe better for Watmore if gets more game time but not sure how we benefit?


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Millwall fans seem to think they are getting Prime Gareth Bale. They will love his enthusiasm and work rate but may get frustrated when he misses a few sitters, hopefully the unexpected goals he pops up with will outweigh the misses and he gets the game time he wants.


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Still not sure why we are letting him go and it is good for the club, maybe better for Watmore if gets more game time but not sure how we benefit?
We get a few hundred k to help balance the books, and save abit in wages for a player that’s unlikely to feature too often. Watmore May of asked to go for the stability of a longer contract and the club have allowed it, he’s never let us down and been a true professional so why stand in his way.

Additionally while they have plenty of points I don’t see Millwall as a genuine playoff threat so letting him go there he may do damage against our playoff rivals.


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Has earned his position in Boro folklore. I loved his attitude and tenacity - when in matches where we were dropping off his injection would lighten up the game again. I will remember some great goals, his pure joy in playing for us and the belief he gave others.

I think he is absolutely right it was time to move on and wish him all the very best. Am only glad we don’t have to play Millwall again this season (unless it was in the play offs!


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I absolutely love him and am very sad to see him go. He gets the ball and starts driving immediately at goal - always positive and powerful, plays with intent, brave in decisions and body. He’s an inspiration to anyone who has had injuries and gave me and my lad something to cheer in awful lockdown times and I’ll always be grateful to him for that. Good luck Duncan, thanks for everything 👍


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Our "ginger ninja" was and is a unique player.
Terrorised the opposition by being everywhere.
Turned up in the right places - see Blackpool, those spooned goals at Huddersfield and his crucial role in beating Man Utd last time out.

A genuinely nice fella, who knew what was required of him and always had a smile on his face.
Always gave 100
All the best Dunc.
Shall miss you.(y)


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I'd rather have kept him than loan Muniz or buy Hoppe. I imagine we are paying both far more in wages and loan fees.

I'm sure the above would cover a large portion of a deal for Watmore. I know I'd rather he came on with 20 mins to go than the above.