Warnock post match media conference


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I'm not sure how poor Mike Riley gets sucked into it😂

He's clearly frustrated and yes he probably should have been sent off in the 78th min (ish).

That said I'm sure he's more annoyed by a pen miss (kinda) and the woeful tackle by Coulson.

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Well let us fans at least see our managers post match comments without having to sign upto more costs.
At this rate we’ll be asked to set up a DD if we declare ourselves a supporter before long.
I don’t like all this modern ways of extracting money out of fans...
That’s me lizard tongue 👍

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Oops my mistake
Just signed up so I can watch it
He seemed quite down did Neil Warnock
Didn’t have much sympathy for Tavernier and his penalty
Suppose you get chances like that and just have to ruthlessly tuck them away like grant used to for us.


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Neil looked like he was ready to bust a blood vessel!
Hes "worked" with that ref before: when he said "how do I mark him"[?] - "thats the best Ive seen him" [ie crap].
I wouldnt be surprised if he gets ticked off - but hes got balls and after 5 decades in the game - he knows what hes talking about.
Well done Neil!(y)


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I'm not sure how poor Mike Riley gets sucked into it😂.

Because Mike Riley heads up the organisation responsible for the referees.

It just so happens Mike Riley was the referee at the Carling Cup Final 2004. Warnock has had issues with the ref before too unfortunately. It just so happens Warnock has previously described Riley as a robot without a feel for the game. Warnock recently blamed Riley for how referees are failing to apply the rules in context of understanding how football is played.

I find it odd that a referee who has been reffing in the Championship since September 2013 and is from the area is first of all allowed to referee a Boro game. Secondly, as he is, why then did it take until 2019/20 season for it to happen? He has now reffed us 3 times in 13 months involving 1 draw and 2 defeats. In fairness, I thought he was ok, barring the incident after the pen was kicked. I have watched it 30 times over and can not be sure, even in slow motion, therefore at full speed, how can the ref or any official be sure he hit it twice? The truth is he/they can’t be.

Personally, I think he guessed, although he was quick to give it. Tav showed naivety in not peeling off to celebrate, he did look guilty tbf and then tried to cover that up imho. That said, but for Coulson’s stupidity we get a point.