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I can also throw a recommendation in for the Deco Mesh devices. I have the M5 I think, small round ones and get full speed throughout the house where as the WIFI really struggled in the upstairs opposite corner of the house (where I work from home) when I just had the basic modem.


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I pay £79 for 1gb broadband and full TV including movies and sports with Netflix for 18 months guaranteed no price increases for the duration of the contract, agreed in November just gone.
I've got the same, which does include sky movies, sky sports and BT sports. Also get unlimited landline and an unlimited SIM card (calls, texts and data, although this is with o2 its part of the deal). The only thing you don't get is Sky Atlantic. I renewed last September and they gave me the same price of £79 for another 18 months.

Edit: You can get up to 3 free mesh devices too, which are great.


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With virgin on the Volt deal.
Multi room
Top speed broadband.
Virgin tv
Sky sports
BT sport
Sky movies.
Mobile phone thru 02 unlimited calls data and texts and also Amazon prime (amazon was free for 3 months so £25 then its an extra £5.99 then up to £30).
Home phone Unlimited calls all times.
£64 to Virgin and £30 to 02.
£90 in total after being told it would be £147 on renewal and that was without Netflix and Amazon.
Well happy for 18 months then it all starts again.


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Just tried to change our deal with Virgin and they offered us the Bigger Bundle + Movies and an additional V6 box for £90.
Looking at Sky now the robbing b***ds.


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Cancelled Virgin, went with Sky Q, extra box, extra fast broadband, Netflix etc for £62 quid.
Binned Sky Sports as working permanent night's means I don't get to watch much footy these days.


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Currently paying £30 a month for 1 gb up/1gb down. I say "paying" but the first 6 months were free and I've referred 7 people so far so at this rate I won't actually pay anything.

We are quite lucky in that we don't have any subscription tv or cable. We have a 95% automated content system set up where we just pick which movies and tv shows we want to watch and it auto downloads then in 4k hdr with atmos sound preferred but stepping down to what is acceptable (min. 1080p)

Don't really watch live sport and terrestrial tv covers everything else we would watch.

If you want to know what is "good" for virgin retentions deals there is a forum in MSE for it, you can see what people were paying, what they haggled and how they did it



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Cancelled today after six hours on the what's app message service. Simply wanted the £79 deal they offer new customers, tge best they said they could do was £89, then changed it to £95 as Taft would mean my connection reducing - tge £79 deal they are offering to new customers is the speed I'm on now. Stuck with wanting to pay the same price as new customers for the same service - they refused, said think about the hassle of charging equipment.

I said think about all the hassle of putting in a new line and equipment for a new customer, who might then change again when I've been with them a decade. Didn't take that on board so cancelled.