Very quiet on here


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? You dont need mountains of threads. The match thread proves its far from quiet Signor.
Bloody hell. This place must be more disciplined than I remember.

Great to have a board that can cope with the load of extra threads. Even though we do not need the capacity. Ta, Rob.


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One reason for it being quieter on here, even after a win last night, is probably because there's less enthusiasm since we're realistically out of the running to finish top six. Our form has been rough for a while and we've lost far too many home games against dross, games which beforehand we were all convinced were three points coming. Had we won those games, we'd be comfortably in the play-off positions right now which would be an unreal achievement. Even NW alluded to that last night, I think. If only we had picked up those points.

I think the damage has been done and deep down everyone knows it, those who were excited we would finish in the play-off positions. Of course, I hope I'm wrong, but with the home form we've had and the opposition that's defeated us there ... I don't see how we have a chance. We have strikers who don't score goals.

If we manage to go on some mad run and finish where people were hoping a few months back then it would be crackers. It wouldn't make a difference to me if we didn't start Britt or Akpom for the rest of the season now, and another went in their place up top such as Bolasie. Would be odd seeing such a low-scoring team finish so high without a good striker who's grabbed at least 15 in the season.

Deep down people are more eager to see how Summer goes and what next season is going to look like. NW is clearly even planning for that. You could say we're just three points off top six as it stands, but either Barnsley or Bournemouth win tonight, if not both, then that points gap will widen to 4/5 points and we're playing Swansea away next.

We need to go on a LONG winning run and I just think it's something we're not capable of for the rest of this season.

You've got to hope luck is on our side now if we are to get into the play-offs, winning most of our remaining games as those above lose ... I just can't see it.


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Good 3 points. An absolute potmess of a game. That's not just aimed at Boro.

It was a typical 'horrid' champo match. Absolutely nothing between the two sides other than the fact ours probably cost 5 times as much.

It's was a good 'ugly' win. We could have done with a few more of them.


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It's was a good 'ugly' win. We could have done with a few more of them.
Spot on.
I recall an awful lot of narrow ugly wins in the last promotion season.
But I also recall a better, stronger team unfortunately.

We could do it, but I just don't think we will. Hope I'm so wrong.