Transporter Bridge


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they should of made the bridge for people to use one way only, cant imagine many want to goto port clarence lol
Lots of workers lived in Middlesbrough and worked north of the river in Bell Brothers iron and steel works at Port Clarence when the bridge was opened.
When it was last open for traffic a lot of the cars were bound for petrochemicals and the large Wilton yard on the Tees at Port Clarence.


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Pardon my ignorance. What are giclee prints, and does anybody local to the Boro do them?

They're high quality inkjet prints often used to make and sell art prints or as I used them for doing quality presentations of designs. They should be available at a decent local instant print shop, but I live out of the country. They're not cheap btw, but worth it for something you might want to frame. You can also print onto canvas.

A quick Google brings up this explainer.

EDIT I've opened a few of these images and they would be approx. 20 cms x 15 cms at 300 dpi.


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These pictures are amazing.

It makes me both sad and furious that we will almost certainly never see the Tranny bridge in service ever again.

The various councils seem to have millions of quid to spunk up on supporting fictitious snow domes, "lending" money to multi billion £ hotel chains to build new hotels, along with other eye wateringly expensive flights of fancy and hubris, and the one thing that represents the region and its entire heritage is allowed to wither on the vine.



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They're excellent photos.

This might be ignorant so forgive me, and i hope someone with half a brain can reply but if the actual bridge system will never work again, can they not build a road bridge there instead? To keep the iconic main structure in place, even keep the gondola there or somehow build that into a new road system so you drive onto the gondola before you hit tarmac? I'm mid 30s and only ever been over it once in a car, but if they could somehow reopen this access i think alot of folk would use it.