Trains to hibs away

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Anyone heard any updates on train cancellations to Edinburgh?? Can't find any info, we booked on train to arrive in Edinburgh at 10.57 and return at 17.37.
We have sold over 1000 tickets for this match, what's everyone's plans if strike goes ahead ? I've been holding off buying a match ticket as yet , but can't see any confirmation of strikes yet !
LNER are yet to announce their plans for that day.
It's possible they may operate a reduced service.
If they do they are going to be mighty busy.
It's a bit confusing that train tickets are still on sale for the route that day if they're not planning to run trains.

I'm holding off on asking for a refund until it's 100% confirmed that the train isn't running.
I've booked the same train to arrive at 10.57 but I'm staying overnight... I have no other plans, don't want to drive, and my hotel is non refundable haha
A fourth block released today, it seemed their was already about 60 - 70 tickets sold in that area if that is is accurate we are getting close to 1100 sold, still about 8/9 days being online.
Per the LNER site..
Industrial action to affect services on Saturday 26 November. The journeys in the Journey Planner are not yet showing strike day services, please check back after 18 November.
They were showing a provisonal timetable yesterday with trains every couple of hours but that has now been removed
Confirmed cancelled for me.

Seems to be one train to Edinburgh on the day, but no trains back from Darlington.