Tonight’s man of the match

I thought Ayling did as well as could be expected up against Philogene. He lost him a few times, yes, but he was industrious going forward and along with Howson drove the team forward to get back in the game. I'm not his biggest fan but for his leadership qualities alone (something we've lacked for a long time) I think he'd be worth a one-year deal, with an option for a further year (reviewed at Xmas).
Azaz is getting better. Personally, I always want 'technical' players who can trap a ball, drop a shoulder, create - over players who can pass it sideways, who have no element of fantasy at all. He's a decent replacement for Crooks who'll get goals from midfield.
O'Brien I haven't been convinced by for those reasons, but I was surprised last night how he made things happen final third and was bullish in the middle also. Will he be worth it for the Prem-level wages he's on? Maybe better value elsewhere but wouldn't be against it.
Engel (a bit like Ayling) is a trier who has improved hugely from an embarrassing opening level. However, I feel that his ceiling is lower than where we are ultimately aiming.
Greenwood, I have said from the start: bad attitude, too greedy and too many flaws to his game. He may grow up and become a team-playing a world beater. May.
Jones, keep for me, but an hour's crossing practice every day. Why can't modern players cross the ball?!