This is why the corrupt Tory Govt needs brought down


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This was from 2019 before things like illegally proroguing Parliament, Partygate, £37bn corrupt T&T contracts, dodgy Russian Lords etc.

There are simply no excuses for defending them, none at all.

This 'they're all as bad as each other' is not only a complete lie but it enables this sinister and corrupt rabble to erode our rights, our freedoms and drag us towards a far right authoritarian state.

Those who think comparisons with 1930s Germany are hysterical nonsense really need to look closely at what's happening to our country and its people.
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It’s just incredible how this wasn’t everywhere on our news. I remember it coming out and the Tories quickly downplayed it given how callous they are. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM TORY MPs ARE GUILTY OF COLLUDING WITH CENTRAL GOVERNMENT IN THESE IDEOLOGICAL POLICIES SINCE 2010
The next GE should be fought by Labour pointing out how they are different to the scum, hammering home the fraud and what it has cost the country and each individual.

The next GE has to obliterate the Tories, PR has to be brought in and the corruption, lies and self serving elite have to be prevented from ever being able to become "public servants".

Our democracy the past decade, but in the last six years especially, has been an unmitigated disaster.

New rules have to be brought in to stop billionaires subjugating democracy and rules that hold our politicians to certain standards of honesty and integrity are paramount.

I hate this government with an absolute seething passion.
Another reason.

They'll lend Ukraine £460 million plus but won't house the homeless in this country and sends immigrants to Rwanda.
I feel for Ukraine and all that but this is a classic example of traitor vs patriotic act. Patriotism is ensuring your own people are looked after first but this evil bunch only wants to chase the headlines….

They are beyond scum. They are the true meaning of; evil