The weekend beer and music thread

Don't go for a nap whatever you do you won't get your head back off the pillow 🤣
Always good advice. So I went back out, headed to Temple Bar, phoned the future son-in-law for their location and couldn't get a word of sense out of him so I've sacked the young'uns off. Now sitting in a pub called the Celt in a seedier area doing what I enjoy; drinking slowly alone.
How's about this for some very unlikely bedfellows...

The Black Bull in Corbridge, lovely pub and they have Old Peculier on tap, absolute win. Then this song is on in the background....

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Bit of a shame that bloke out of Right Said Fred has turned into a Covid denying conspiracy theorist.

Mind you he’s got better pecs than Matt Le Tissier. So I’ll forgive him.