* The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Ipswich Match - Day Thread *

How is there more added time today than there was at Leeds last week?!

Proper winds me up this. Guarantee last week if Leeds had been down the added time would’ve been double the 4 we got.
There's at least 5 players playing today who don't start if we are at full strength. We were always going to struggle. We've had no legs on the bench to try and inject life into the game when we were struggling. It's not a surprise

Plenty of boro fans know there's lads out there that aren't quite at the level required to compete with the stromger teams. Like i said earlier, i think the Preston game maybe masked some of the problems we have within the squad.
You're absolutely right, but we're entitled to expect more from Greenwood and Rogers, who have been absolutely desperate today.
Yeah, this. Think it's fine to still expect more from the players that are out there while acknowledging that we're also suffering because of the players we're missing, it's not one or the other. Crooks has been great recently, he's been poor today, and it's fine to make a criticism like that without needing to caveat it with talk of injuries every time.
You're absolutely right, but we're entitled to expect more from Greenwood and Rogers, who have been absolutely desperate today.
Rogers is nowhere near the level to be a starter at the moment and us only playing because we have 3 McGree, Forss and Jones out

Greenwood is closer but doesn't show the consistency
One of the posters on here has the following statement on the bottom of all his threads or words to this effect 'Some posters are like TV's, they need a slap now and again to get the picture'.

Trying to get the injury crisis over to some fans and how it is impacting our play seems impossible.
Disappointing day. I think our season rests on whether we can get 3 or 4 players back before the end of the month and whether we get 2 strikers in early in January, or we could be too far off the pace.
We've had players missing for weeks.
I just say it like it is. We have been poor. Hull could be different who knows what team we're gonna a get.
Say it like it is? Then say it like it really is, we are having to put out under strength teams as the 8 absentees would all be walking into a starting 11 if fit, ergo the available squad is poorer and performances will match. Simple
Rogers doesn’t do it for me. Doesn’t exactly bust a gut, doesn’t gain possession, doesn’t keep possession when it’s given to him, and for a big lad he’s a bit of a soft touch. Reminds me of Ashley Fletcher unfortunately.
Yes we had injuries but backwards sideways backwards all the time . passing shocking and refused to put the ball in the box .
Absolutely got what they deserved total dross.
It was easy street for the tractor boys today — painful to watch. I can’t remember having such a sick list. We all know that injuries and suspensions are just part of the game but to have so many players out due to injuries is hard to fathom, and most of them are long term. Now we’re looking for two keepers— it’s nuts.
This League is so tight from top four downwards, play offs are within reach given an up turn in injuries and a couple of good loan signings in January.
Keep the faith and get behind the team in these difficult times, the results will come.
C'mon Boro
What‘s puzzling is we have so many players whom it seems for innocuous reasons have injuries keeping them out for weeks on end.
Overall thought it quite likely we'd get nowt today; aside from Ipswich being a good side we're on the bones of our ar$e squad wise; quite aside from our first 11 suffering the biggest difference is that our bench is A LOT weaker and that was a big part of our strength as a "second half" team.

I'm confident so long as we scrap for some draws amd the odd win we should still be within 8 points or so of the playoffs come the middle of January, when most sides start to have injuries upset them? Whereas we'll be getting a raft of players back from the treatment table and fresh as fook after a game or two, meaning I expect us to then start smashing the bejesus out of all and sundry week in week out, game after game for months on end and shooting right up into the top six no bother👍

Still pis$es me off to see the deckchairs sat in 6th for now though🤣