The Stand (2020)


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Still my favourite Stephen King work (run close by IT). I remember feeling well chuffed when I read it at over 1200 pages (extended version).

It's such a massive story that it will be some achievement to pull it off in 9 episodes. I wonder how much of the story it will cover?

The book is very much a slow burner but has so much depth in character development. I guess a tv series will have to add action and move along far quicker. I read that it's actually starting a year or so after the pandemic and the world is in tatters (very apt). So the story is well advanced from where the book starts.

Defo worth a watch👍..... Although not confident they can pull it off.


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I remember watching the original tv series with Gary Sinise and Molly Ringwald. Must be over 25 years ago now.


Brilliant book, read it in my Teens but I also listened to the Audiobook recently as well, highly recommended. What will it be on over here?