The price of tickets for the last few gigs

I was going to go to

Lana del Rey £70
Guns n roses £100
The Black Crowes £70
Solange £70

I don't fancy spending that sort of money. Chances are solange won't play losing you. Or I'll get stuck behind someone in a top hat who spends the whole gig talking. And instead of a tour you'll get one gig in Manchester one in London.

The leap in the last couple of years has been ridiculous. On the other end of the scale there's a girl called Ronika I go and see. The last one was free. The most I've paid is a tenner.

I guess the trick is to not listen to music old people like or stuff that's popular.

To think we were worried pirate bay and Spotify would erode musicians income.


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Looked at the Who prices : £70 to £200. The £70 looked poor value; £140 for a decent seat. Paid 6 shillings the first time I saw them.

With inflation it should be £6 !!! o_O
It has. It used to be that touring sold albums and that was where bands/artistes made money. It has turned round now and money is made from people attending live gigs. I am extremely reluctant to pay more than £25 for a ticket and there are some terrific reasons not to. Go see some local bands for £10-15 often two or three on the same bill. See some of the adverts on here and t'other board and check the bands out on You Tube to see if they ring your bell.

For example "Working Mens Club" are getting good airplay on Radio 6 at the moment and are playing the Georgian in Stockton for £8. Price of a couple of pints. Get yourself there and perhaps be able to watch them headline Glastonbury in five years time and nod to the kids and say "saw them in the Georgian Theatre". Sadly I can't make this one I don't think. Ah well.

I am going to see Holy Moly and the Crackers play some village hall near Darlo for the princely sum of £12 (IIRC) on Saturday


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Taking into account inflation, The Who's latest album is about 10% lower now than 1969, but it's 1150% more expensive to see them live.
I do go and see up and coming. Caught Lorde at Madame JoJo's for a tenner for example. But most new guitar music isn't my thing.

Im just bummed that some of them are ridiculously overpriced. Particularly as you can't guarantee that you won't get "here's another one from the new album".

I hate rich people.
Tomorrow night at The Georgian - best young band in Britain playing for £8 advance or £10 on the door. Catch them now before they're too big for small venues.

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Or you could give the fantastic My Life Story a go at Princess Alexandra Auditorium on 14th ie tomorrow night Valentine's Day. Great show to take your other half.