The "General-Strike" and pay rises already won thread.


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*Around 100,000 civil servants to stage one-day strike on 1 February

Around 100,000 civil servants are to stage a 24-hour strike next month in an escalation of a bitter dispute over jobs, pay and conditions,
The Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union announced that its members in 124 government departments and other bodies will walk out on 1 February.

* We have achieved a fantastic result with a massive average Yes vote for industrial action across the areas balloted of 86.2%, the highest percentage vote in the union’s history.
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As long as I can remember I`ve never seen such a pan-UK campaign to protect workers jobs, pay and conditions.
Its not just the big unions and issues though: In Northern Ireland, Housing Workers have just voted 99.5% (!!!) in favour of strike action.

Good News:



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In Europe:

Madrid Family Doctors & Pediatricians Resume Indefinite Strike​

Doctors raise protest banners, Madrid, Spain, Jan. 12, 2023.

Doctors raise protest banners, Madrid, Spain, Jan. 12, 2023. | Photo: EFE Published 12 January 2023

Pending a new negotiation round with Madrid Community Health Counselor, these health workers suspended the strike a month ago.
On Thursday, Madrid family doctors and pediatricians resumed the strike initiated in November 2022 due to the failure of negotiations seeking to improve their salaries and relieve the workload of physicians covering the afternoon shifts, to which more patients come.

Pending a new negotiation round with Madrid Community Health Counselor, these health workers suspended the strike a month ago. The parts, however, reached no agreement at the new meeting, which ended on Wednesday after two and a half hours of negotiations.
"The meeting went badly. It is the seventh one we have held since we started the strike, and no one who could make decisions involving expenditure increase participated,” Madrid Association of Physicians and Higher Graduates (AMYTS) spokesperson Angela Hernandez complained.
In Madrid, healthcare providers treat about 70 patients daily, despite international organizations recommending that each doctor treat 20 or 25 people a day. As a result, over 92 percent of family doctors in this territory suffer emotional exhaustion.

6) In neighboring Spain, at least 200,000 people protested in Madrid last November against plans by the right-wing regional government to "destroy the public system" with more public-private partnerships. “Your health should never depend on your wallet,” read one banner.
— Aaron Derfel (@Aaron_Derfel) January 7, 2023

In other Spanish cities, emergency hospitals are likely to collapse soon due to the resurgence of respiratory infections after the end-of-year holidays. Despite this, the Madrid Community alleges that the doctors are raising politically-motivated demands.
“Our strike committee will assign 6 out of 12 seats to family doctors and pediatricians from other medical organizations to demonstrate that the problems we pose affect the entire medical community,” AMYTS announced.
“Although the strike we called for is indefinite, it will not entail a total suspension of health services since at least one doctor and one pediatrician will remain in the health centers to care for the population during it,” it added.



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ASLEF Rejects Proposal and Announces New Strike Dates


Press Release
17/01/2023 -
ASLEF has rejected a proposal – that was not the result of negotiation, despite this trade union making itself available more often than the other side for talks – made by the cartel [put in place on behalf of a government which has been shown to be interfering in the talks] representing some of the train operating companies in Britain, and announced new strike dates on Wednesday 1 and Friday 3 February.


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At some point when so many people have been taking it up the ar*e for so long, they're going to collectively ask why they should put up with it.

This bunch of charlatan politicians deserve to spend at least the next couple of decades out of power.


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17 January 2023

RMT Press Office:

Train driver RMT members at 14 rail operators will take strike action on February 1 and 3 over jobs pay and conditions.

The decision to strike on February 1 coincides with a TUC day of action where several unions are coordinating their strikes during the cost-of-living crisis.

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: "Our negotiations will continue with the rail operators to create a package on jobs, conditions and pay that can be offered to our members."