The EURO 2024 Football ⚽, beer 🍺 and music 🎶 MEGA-THREAD


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I know, I know... it's not even quite 9am on a Friday morning and already I'm starting the regular thread. I hear you.

BUT... today is the day, its the start of a month of (hopefully) exciting games, loads of goals and if there is a God, capped with a mighty Euro win for England and Sir Gareth.

Heading off shortly to Newcastle where 7 of us are flying to Dusseldorf to spend a week aroud the North Rhine-Westphalia region taking in some days in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Dortmund and Gelsenkirchen along with a day trip to Arnhem on Wednesday to see Green Day! Craking week planned.

Should everything go to plan we'll arrive in Remscheid (otherwise known as Ashington in Germany) in time to drop our stuff off then head out for a beer or three to watch Germany v Scotland and hopefully a cracking start to the tournament!

So on that note.... cheers folks, and here's to a great Euro 2024 tournament!


I’ve been playing the new Slash blues album “Orgy of the Damned” this week; not a bad track on it and I’m about to open a Tiny Rebel tinny and then settle down to watch the Germany game.

On Saturday we have our season ticket holders get together where we cook dishes from the countries all playing tomorrow and sit and watch the games while eating our grub and drinking beer and wine.

Well I'm being really posh. I've ordered a pizza from that place on Leven Road to scoff while I'm watching the game and I'll be drinking plenty of brown booze this evening. I'm probably going to break my own rules and have a beer or three before it even gets dark. I'm such a f*cking rebel.