The Big Freeze 1963


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I've seen photos of the house and area that I live in now, which is 1000ft up in the Pennines. I am used to seeing heavy snow here, with drifts several metres deep, but nothing like 1963, when it went on for months. I was just a bairn, so I don't remember it, but my folks talk about walking on the wll tops.


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Liverpool played three home games during the big freeze, against Aston Villa, Wolves and Lecester. The Lecester game was on 2 March which was a Saturday so I'm guessing that's it.


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Our kid was born that year.
Mam said the bunker was piled with coal an coke an everyone of the womenfolk were knitting and making draught excluders [sausage dogs].
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Good to see the Royal Marines doing something useful
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Great photos. Thanks for sharing.


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Yes, it's definitely Forest's badge.


They played Forest that season but not until April.