Thats why we love the Boro


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Doesn't it make you feel good when we win away, especially against one of the top teams & win away so well with such a professional display too from every member of the team today, those who came on played their part also, it makes you feel so proud to be a Boro fan (y)

We must have tired Darnell Fisher on the zoom the other day getting subbed


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Yeah.... and then we'll go and play like dogs against Bristol City (who have lost SEVEN on the bounce now), and get humped.

One of our special skills is breaking other teams terrible runs.


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they were, but you can see they have no confidence in our keeper,
a few times it was safer to bass back but they didn’t , they took the risk of playing it out or boot it aimlessly anywhere


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I personally dont dare bet on Boro for the typical negative effect, back us to win we lose and ruin our season, back us to lose and they ruin the bets OR worse do actually lose and I gain but lose long term as aims for the club go unfulfilled.


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It's TOTALLY the Boro way. It would be much less frustrating to lose today, and win on Tuesday. Same points.

Now that I know Bristol City have lost seven in a row, I'm convinced we're going to lose on Tuesday.

I've been Boro-ed too many times in my life!
Looks like we're doing what Boro do best :mad:

Get our hopes up by beating Reading, and then get stuffed by the league's bottom team on current form!