That Ford Fiesta in Ambleside


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Has finally gone.. almost as much a part of the Lakeland furniture as Helvellyn and the house on the bridge!

I’m sure someone on here has a picture of it as their profile pic?

A sad day!


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It was always parked up near the house on the bridge on a gravel driveway that you would always walk past if you parked in the big car park at the top of town


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I used to deliberately walk round that way just to see it. Hope it's being rescued rather than scrapped, but it has been looking bad for a while.

Mine was red and is still taxed and tested and alive somehow somewhere. If it's in good nick it will be worth about £18k I reckon.


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I too had the same model Fiesta, A reg 1983 in dark blue, from new. What frustratingly comes to mind was the distributor always needing the points reset, it was a weekly chore and a pain.



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I read on Facebook that the owner is terminally ill sadly so has chosen to sell it. Hopefully means someone will restore it back to former glories

Ian Bairds Ears

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This thread should be copied to usa and others to explain the quintessential spirit of England...😊
It's not drawbridges...d*ck van dyke **** er née accents...and jellied eels...
It's the fact that we are such a small island a 1983 fiesta is famous for not moving in the lakes...
Love it.... I am going to celebrate the spirt of England today in a small but nonetheless significant way
It's the small things that count as I tell the Mrs most days.