Thank you Gordon


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I really like Gordon Brown and he talks a great game even today. Looking at that video you see plenty of good, talented politicians and then you think of the talentless corrupt lot we have right now the difference is night and day.

FWIW I think GB would have been an excellent PM and would have had the chance to show that had the financial crisis not happened the way it did. Sadly, he inherited the job at the worst possible time and we were robbed of him having a decent stretch as PM. Sadly, Cameron and the Lib Dems did their atrocious deal that was the start of a long, very hard descent in the UK.


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Its is a good speech, but the current Labour Party and the past one need to assess why they lost in 2010 and 2015 elections, before anyone knew the word Brexit or EU Referendum.

The obvious one is almost being wiped out in Scotland in 2015 a former stronghold which impacts the UK elections and next why they have lost a lot of the the working class non-metropolitan areas of England and Wales, again before 2016.