Team tomorrow then?


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Think it will be this, with the new boys having to bide their time.





Subs: Daniels, Peltier, Bamba, Payero, Boyd-Munce, Connolly, Balogun.





Watmore for Connolly @ 67 minutes when winning 2-0

Balogan for Sporar @ 75 minutes

McGree for Payero/Tav @ 80 when winning 3-0
I'd play Brynn and bin them both, but I disagree with that comment after QPR and Birmingham home games
Lumley has had some games where he has done OK as well as some terrible ones. Daniels has been poor every game for us.

Brynn, I haven't seen much of him to have an opinion if he is ready. This is the championship, it's at least 2 levels above where he was playing in scotland
I think he might start Balogun, just a hunch but get the sense he’s the striker Wilder’s most pleased to bring in. Part of me even thinks Connolly might have been insurance in case Balogun went on loan to a PL club.
I think we will go as usual. I'm expecting Watmore and Sporar up top. I mean they have been playing well and both a part of why we are where we are.

Then again apparently Balogun has 'assurances' about playing. So not sure if they will be from day 1.
Balogun is getting over covid might be a sub but don’t think he will start Connolly and Spora up front
Watmore won’t start, hes missed so many sitters in the last few weeks, Wilder will try one of the new boys, most likely Connolly.
Thats a bit of an exaggeration! He scored the late winner with a very good finish in the last game he played too.

if think if fully fit he starts. I suspect the new lads will be better goalscorers, but doubt either will be able to match his pressing. Imagine Wilder will be telling them to watch Watmore as to what he wants from them on that front.

longer term i agree, he's more likely to be a regular impact sub than a starter.