Tav starts for Bournemouth


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I miss Tav already.

It pains me he left us for Bournemouth and Scott Parker. Such a pair could only have been made worse had it been Newcastle and Eddie Howe.
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Don't usually bother with MOTD (to be honest I've usually nodded off by then🙂) but I'll try to stay awake to see how he gets on. Obviously "just running around a lot" works in the Premier league.🙄


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Scandalous decision. The one player we really couldnt replace especially in such a short time.

This is one we are massively going to regret. I really think he has all the attributes with some good coaching could go on to play for a top team.

I'm still gutted. Hope he does well.


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Very early days for Tav at Bournemouth, I think you can only say we have given him away once he has had a full good season.

He seems to be the dead ball man for them but it was noticeable how much more quality Bournemouth have compared to us in having players who can take advantage.

He clearly wanted to leave and already seems happy there so why hold him back?