Sunderland Away Ticket Info


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There will be loads In the home end, my mate who doesn’t have enough points is getting tickets for his dad and brothers from a Sunderland mate of his.

Ive done it at Elland Road (Kav penalty) with a leeds supporting mate and the 2-1 Stuani game at the SOL with an old boss who has offered to get me a ticket again

Also done it at at Hull where it was over £30 in the away end or £18 in the home end so i opted to go with a Hull Fan i knew

You just have to switch off and clap when they clap so you dont get rumbled

When McCallister put his penalty into the KOP it was easy to shout you usless .... haha


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The game after Hillsborough disaster at Sheff Wed in 1989 I was in the home seats. We need to draw to stay up and we lost 1-0. Boro got 1800 seat allocation. No Sky in those days. You went or listened on Radio Cleveland if you lived within transmitter range.

Must have been half the seats nearly were Boro fans where I was.


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Well would you look at that.

Cardiff away has made general sale, and it appears Sheff Utd away will make general sale.

Proving, the loyalty scheme is warranted for those 'high in demand games' such as Sunderland away.
Neither on general sale until 3 pm tomorrow, but I agree with your point.
They both should reach general sale.
Fairly sure Cardiff won't sell out .