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I think he’s a lazy goalie and gives the impression he’s way above the standard of the league. He was definitely at fault for the second goal while the third I thought he was slow to get down., Then there was the second half mistake —clowning about and not forgetting he nearly got caught off his line again.

Ok he’s an upgrade on Lumps but I’m not in favour of having a temp as first team keeper. The gaffs today lead me to believe (excuse the expression) he’ll be “yanked” by game 5.
Wasn't good today but the team where shocking first half.Needs alot of quality added to the squad .Up to now it's been terribly weakened but see where we are when window closes and judge it then.Cant understand why fry didn't start.But we all think we can right the wrongs when the team looses.
Not a foul in the least for the second, just weak and poor goalkeeping.

He made a few mistakes today and was almost lobbed for the 2nd game in a row.

Early days, but it was a worrying display from him, still made a few decent saves so he's an upgrade on Lumley, just not as much of one as I'd hoped so far.
I wasn't criticising Steffan,I haven't seen him play yet,I was on holiday last week and at a wedding today.My point was that the whole of last season has been laid at Lumleys door,when our midfield regularly got over run last season and now is weaker and older
There is nothing wrong in criticising if it’s fair and constructive on this board.

After two weeks he looks like he will be a great shot stopper. I thought he nearly gifted a goal last week with poor distribution and then more concerning a lackadaisical attitude to recovering a position to safeguard the goal.

I don’t think it was a foul for the second goal ( but the ref was very poor I thought an absolute homer) . On the whole he is a big upgrade but I doubt very much he has a real chance of becoming the city no 1 playing the way he does at the moment.
It’s early days but a worrying start. Made some dodgy decisions last week when trying to play out at times a hoof was required. Did the same second half today when we’d just got back into it.

Made a wonder save last week but only from a result of a poor kick and positioning.

Didn’t see the second goal today so can’t comment. But looks a bit too lackadaisical with the ball at his feet.
He plainly is (or more accurately will be) a very good goalkeeper. He has to learn how to play in this league, it's not the Prem and more physicality is the norm and is allowed, as he found out today. He will be worried about giving away a penalty and just needs to learn how to deal with physical challenges. He has obviously been schooled in the Man City sweeper-keeper role and is good with the ball at his feet. Once he gets used to the league and with a fixed system in front of him and preferably a fixed three players he will do very well. IMO.
He plainly looks far too casual and a bit full of himself. Needs to sharpen his focus otherwise he'll turn out to be just as gaff prone as Lumley. IMO.
The QPR commentators were going on about how they had obviously thought he was a weakness judging by the way they pressured him in the 6 yard box at set pieces. If they sussed it then its safe to say he is going to get the same treatment in every game.
I dont know how anybody could argue he had been fouled.