Starting a compost bin


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I've got a compost bin but never got round to using it but with all this isolation I'm getting on with loads of jobs that were meant for another day!

I'm looking to start a simple bun really to compost grass cuttings, vegetable peelings, egg shells etc. Is it a case of bringing a few things in to start it off or are there things I need to prep with? Any help from those in the know much appreciated.
Make sure you site the bin on good soil, to allow worms to travel up and into the bin.
Ideally site the bin somewhere where it will get some sun, the warmth will aid the process.
Create a good mix, not too much of any one thing, especially grass as it will form into a flat impenetrable carpet.
Put a small bin or container by the back door to make sure you capture all of your household compostable waste.
If you must put in eggshells crush them up as fine as you can.
Add different layers of waste if you can, wet then dry layers create movement within the bin.
It's near impossible, but try to seal the edge ( bury it an inch) to keep out vermin.
As above and also include the cardboard egg boxes torn up as well which add to the general mix.
Beware of too many grass clippings but everything from the garden goes in and I get bags of good compost every year out of mine.
Got a kitchen caddy for all the kitchen stuff and surprising how it all adds up.
Mix the grass with prunings etc. If you include food waste other than green veg you may attract rats. If you are able to turn ie mix it on occasion then it will get oxygen in and rot quicker.
Don't agree with dry layers I would have the woody stuff chopped as much as possible and if mixed with grass that will provide the moisture.
apple peel, orange peel, tea leaves/bags, cucumber tips, house cut flowers, carrot heads, avocado skins and pod, potato peelings.. get into it lad, the list is a long one for what you can compost (y)
Another tip is to cut up tougher skins like banana and orange peel into smaller bits before puttting in the compost. When starting from scratch use a compost starter to encourage mould and add from time to time - I imagine in the UK it's also available in supermarkets as well as garden centres.
I have a bin at the bottom of the garden that i started a couple of years ago but havent done much about in in a couple of years.

I heard it should have been stirred regularly.

Anyone got any ideas?