STACK given the go-ahead.


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Sunderland is a double deck square of bars/eateries with a large seated area in the middle and a large stage. Really impressive. I think its on the site of the old seaburn leisure centre


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How much are they charging? I've been horrified to find that all the street food places I used to go have whacked their prices up to 8 quid. 4.50 before covid. Still have loads of business.

Jonny Ingbar

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The one in York is excellent, not been to the Sunderland one but it sounds a similar arrangement, other than the fact Sunderland is a ******** and York is a beautiful city


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I really hope this works but I can't see it working long term in middlesbrough. The one at seaburn is nice right on the beach but only really only busy in the summer. The food is generally 8 or 9 quid and mostly pretty good. The newcastle one was pretty busy for a few years then it was only busy on a weekend with stag and hen does by the end.